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'The Fin' Pinnacle, Leeds

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Client: The Moorfield Group
DLA Graphics specialist signage team were invited by The Moorfield Group to design a new 'building marker' for their newly refurbished West Riding House (now called Pinnacle) in Leeds, the main part of this client brief was to create a visual presence for people walking along Albion Street.
The design process went through many concepts, but it always returned to our original vision of a 3 Storey high Perforated Blade/Fin, a 'Sculptural Form' not the usual standard building signage, a number of the forms from our initial designs featured later in the reception paintings, thus creating a visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces of the building.
From a technical point, we added perforations to the Fin so creating less wind load on the sculpture and building structure, also the size of the perforated holes was considered for the local species of nesting birds. Lower projections of the fin were also taken into account for pedestrians and street cleaning.
We were involved throughout the design, tender and planning stages, we also working closely with the chosen fabricators so they could realise our sculptural vision.